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Visiting Kali Mandir Ramakrishna Ashram

Darshan Information

Kali Mandir Ramakrishna Ashram is a Hindu shrine to the Divine Mother Kali located in a home on a private street in a residential neighborhood. Out of consideration for our neighbors and respect for the ashram residents, please strictly observe our visiting hours and do not loiter, make noise in our parking area or wander though the neighborhood. Kali Mandir's mission is to promote the traditional culture of Sanatana Dharma, to enable all devotees to come closer to Divine Mother Kali and to encourage spiritual values like modesty and respect. The way we dress and the way we act has an impact on ourselves as well as others around us. To help maintain the sanctity and purity of the ashram, we request that you follow our dress code, etiquette guidelines, and hours.

Visiting Hours

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (by appointment only)

10am – 12 Noon  &  3pm – 5pm

Closed:  Monday through Thursday

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