“Adyashakti is full of play. She’s creating, preserving and destroying. Her name is Kali.
Kali Herself is Brahman, Brahman Itself is Kali!”

~Sri Ramakrishna


Kali Mandir

Kali Mandir / Ramakrishna Ashram is a non-profit, educational and religious organization founded in 1993 in Laguna Beach, California, dedicated to the worship of the Divine Mother Kali in the devotional tradition of Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda.



Spiritual discourses given at Kali Mandir by Swami Chetanananda, Swami Bhajanananda, Swami Ambikananda and others.


Live On Facebook

Live streaming webcasts of satsangs, amavasya pujas, and special events. Go to the link to watch live, see previous recordings, or check for upcoming webcasts.


Ancient Mother Gifts

Online resource for worship articles, murtis, rudraksha malas, asanas, cotton saris, incense, chadders, hand-picked spiritual books and CDs, sacred photos, spiritual jewelry and beautiful items imported from India.


2020 Kali Mandir Calendar

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Ramakrishna Seminary

Online courses in Applied Theology


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